10 Things Salesmen Can Learn From Farmers

The old saying “What you sow is what you reap” , is an age old saying that has been used in the olden days and still holds till present day internet age.

Here are some things we can learn from farmers

 1.     Farmers have vision – they have a clear vision on what their land will be after a few months of cultivation it, you will hear stories about their crops when harvest time comes. Salesmen should have a picture of where they want to be,

2.     Farmers know their Market – before they plant, they have identified where to sell their produce so it can be traded for goods or money. It is very important for salesmen to know who and where to sell your products to.

3.     Farmers sets the groundwork – before the first seed is planted, farmers makes sure the soil is fertile, and the soil is ideal for the seed to grow. Product knowledge is the groundwork for salesmen, before you make your 1st sales call, make sure you have your presentation materials, pitch and data on hand

 4.     Farmers understands their crop – farmers are the expert of their crop, they know when it bear fruits, what pests attacked it, how weather can affect their crops. Salesmen should before anything else be an expert of his product. Knowing all the strength and weakness of the product he is selling

 5.     Farmers are focus – Once a farmer goes out into his field, it is just him and his crops – salesmen should learn to take away time traps during work hours

6.     Farmers are patient – they know that daily watering, weeding, pruning is needed so that itll be healthy when harvestime comes. Salesmen should learn to give their efforts, take care of their prospects and

7.     Farmers protect their crops – from weeds, pests, salesmen should also take care of their clients and not let a competitor win over their clients

8.     Farmers pray – farmers pray to their God to take care of their seeds and

9.     Farmers knows the right time for harvest – if a crop is harvested early, the crop is no good. Salesman should learn the right time to go for the closing

10.   Farmers don’t linger too much after the harvest – they move straight back to preparing the land for the next planting

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