Shifting Careers into Property Sales

“Are you tired of your 9-5 job and wish you can do more? Do you feel that whatever effort you exert you still get the same income?

Did you wish you were your own boss where you can create strategies and get better result and earn more?

“If you are considering shifting careers into a more entrepreneurial setup, you might want to consider a shift to Property Sale,” asks Carl Dy, a property sales coach and Ayala Land sales director.

Property Sales is a much sought-after career mainly because people have this general impression that it pays very well. That is true. The profit one can acquire from sales commissions can be very attractive. Earning that however is a different ballgame. There is a whole science behind it.

Being in real estate sales is not just about selling properties. There are many other aspects involved that could overwhelm those who are merely after the money. Dy offers sound advice to prospective shifters– –who are contemplating on pursuing a career in this profitable but challenging industry.

1. INTERESTED IN PROPERTY. One should have a genuine interest for the subject matter, just like a businessman into clothes should have interest in fashion.

2. PEOPLE PERSON. With regard to personal traits and characteristics that are useful in being good real estate agents, Dy advises that it would greatly help if you’re naturally a people person; “you like to talk to people, you like to go out, and you like to network”. After all, to learn how to understand people and find potential clients is to interact with them.

“Becoming a good sales person therefore is not about being convincing or coercive but rather about being understood,” Dy advices.
According to Dy, Instead of just probing for a client’s budget, a good salesman will instead first probe for how their client wants to be treated. “The sales agent should be someone the client can trust, somebody who can provide them detailed information on things that they do not know or understand & be assured that the best interest of the client is kept,” explains Dy. “When you take out the urgency to say your piece or to close the deal, then it will evolve into a sincere effort of listening and analyzing the client — what he wants, and what he needs,” he adds.


Dy said that in order to be successful in this industry, a sales person must be able to think like a businessman, be able to invest time and think long term. Be a product champion on the property that he is selling & think out of the box, be creative – so that he will stand out.

Other vital factors that prospective property agents need to understand are the intricacies and challenges in this industry. For one, the work days and hours in this field is very flexible. This can be both good and bad. They may need to sacrifice some of their weekends and holidays in order to meet with a client. Equally, they may work on weekends and be able to have free time to watch their kids’ performance in school on a schoolday.

Moreover, even if a certain individual possesses the necessary skills and talents typically required of real estate agents, success will not come to them without good old hard work which stems from having passion and genuine interest for the job.

“For those who want to have their own business but don’t yet have any idea of what to put up or don’t have enough capital, I highly recommend to get your feet wet here because the real world experiences & lessons you acquire are similar to running your own business. Nonetheless, attaining success will not be a walk in the park. It entails perseverance and diligence, which is why his most important advice to people who would like to get into real estate sales is, ‘first make sure that this is really where your heart is’,” Dy expounds.

For those who would like to consult with Dy for guidance and advice regarding property sales, you may email him at or call him at 0917 5316310. He’ll be glad to give you free advice.

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