10 Ways to Make Your Family Prosper with Carl Dy

“10 Ways to Make Your Family Prosper with Carl Dy” and
“Goal Setting and 
Creating Good Habits That Last with Jenny Dy”



Hi Friends from Tarlac Living Faith Academy, Inviting all Dads to join the talk this Thursday 130pm. I will be sharing tips I learned from my mentors on how we can be the best dads and help our kids prosper !
– How to be the best husband
– How to build self esteem and confidence in our kids
– How to be an intentional dad
– How to be the chief motivator in the family
– How to bring out the potential of your kids
and many more things I learned in my journey of being a dad to 3 daughters.

Moms please convince the dads to join the parenting talk ! I guarantee it will be an eye opener for all who attend.

This Thursday , Doors open: 130pm
Talk starts 200pm – 300pm

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