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Thank you Joanne – for your wonderful testimony

I have always believed in investing in real estate and in generating passive income. I’ve read many books and articles out there but can’t seem to decide on a clear direction because of sooo many seemingly lucrative options out there (foreclosures, preselling condos / H&L, etc).

For the longest time, I wished I could find a mentor who can guide me how and where to invest wisely. I was in the process of seriously acquiring another property when I watched a video of very inspiring real estate speaker.

What we liked about the private coaching session were the ff:

  1. Carl was not intimidating. At all. This was actually our initial worry. Since he’s such a big name in the industry and he might be used to meeting up big and rich clients, he might find us too “small-time” to be worth his time. Or maybe because he’s dealing with the big guys, the tips/lessons that he’ll teach us will be too expensive for us to execute.

However, we found Carl to be very down-to-earth. He was easy to talk to so we had an easy time really sharing with him all our concerns, no matter how mundane they seem to be. We were able to ask “stupid questions”. We believe this is very important because we want to have an open, transparent and a good brainstorming session with our coach.

2.) He was able to give simple and actionable insights. One of my biggest concerns was this idle condo that I have. I was actually thinking of disposing it even at a loss asap because I thought I invested in a bad location. But he advised me to keep “the goose that can lay golden eggs” because it didn’t seem to be a bad investment. He didn’t stop at that, he taught me practical ways how to identify the market, furnish it, and market it. Now I know my next steps and feel motivated about that property.

3.) He is unbiased and practical. Going back to the property that we almost purchased, I was actually kind of expecting him to advise us to go with it because he himself invested in the same property. But since I was going in too late already in the game, the price increased significantly and told us it was not the ideal time to purchase anymore. Was pleasantly surprised by this reco but appreciated it as well. It was at this point that I know he has the best intention at heart for his clients.

4.) He was able to help us prioritize. Through this session, we were able to eliminate a lot of risky/long-ROI options from our list. Given our limited budget, we need to choose which ones are fit our energy, resources and age. Now we have an idea where to focus. If only for this, the session was worth it already!!

We are beginners in this journey so we still has a long way to go and lots of things to learn. But with a mentor, at least we’re guided and most of all, we have someone whom we can do follow through sessions with for more learning! – Joanne

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