MoneySense Q2 2020 Family Finance with Carl and Jenny Dy

Praise God for an ECQ door opening. Carl Dy is pleased to share a new parenting workshop he will be doing “The Family CEO” a Zoom workshop talk for dads on how they can use business and bible principles to lead and be head of the family. When Carl Dy was starting his family, heContinue reading “MoneySense Q2 2020 Family Finance with Carl and Jenny Dy”

#DaddyHacks Parenting Tip with Carl Dy

1st of 5 short #DaddyHacks Parenting tip with Carl Dy’s good friend Pastor Dennis Sy  ( 3 min video ) Sharing Tip #1 The Gadget Jail – on how to control gadget time with your kids “We as dads need to be more active in our kid’s life. Let’s act like a man and help carryContinue reading “#DaddyHacks Parenting Tip with Carl Dy”

Sun Life’s Wealth, Retirement, and Estate Planning Forum: Impact of Coronavirus on Real Estate Investing with Carl Dy

Carl Dy shared 20 new norm property opportunities as a result of COVID-19, plus gave a bonus talk on Risk Management from a property investor point of view. 1 of 20 includes increasing demand from Cloud Kitchens to rent properties. For private coaching