Laurus Enterprises PH Take Off Summit 2021 with Carl Dy

“They said having real estate property was only for the super rich. And for you to get it, you need money and to understand how it works. Problem is, you don’t have much of both.‍‍‍‍‍‍Carl knows what that’s like. He started out as a delivery boy earning 50 pesos a day. Now, he is theContinue reading “Laurus Enterprises PH Take Off Summit 2021 with Carl Dy”

Property Private Coaching w/ Carl Dy

Property Coaching with Jason Cruz “A session is like reading 30 real estate Articles.” Do you have property / business questions? Book a private coaching session with Carl Dy here: Do you have properties you want to sell? Sign them up with us at Great deals property for sale here: Join SpectrumContinue reading “Property Private Coaching w/ Carl Dy”