Support your Tenants with Carl Dy

Yes, we can sacrifice and extend free rent

If you have a tenant struggling to survive their business.
And you feel their burden in your heart, now is a good time to be Christ-like and extend kindness.

Support your tenants
** if you are financially able**
& it’s not a big deal for you. Let’s help each other.

Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.- Proverbs 14:31

Thank you, Frontliners!

Health Workers, Security Guards, Servers in the Food Industry, Cashier and Supermarket Attendants, Volunteers, Police & Military, Scientists and Researchers

A BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you for risking your lives just to save ours, for your commitment and sacrifice. We will continue to pray for your safety and protection.

Cross Industry Business Coaching with Carl Dy

What can you learn from a guy who worked with the Ayala group for 15 yrs ? What can your business learn from the real estate industry ? ( A lot ! sales, planning, vision, process, motivating teams, pre-suasion etc )

introducing “CROSS INDUSTRY BUSINESS COACHING” for Small Medium Business with Carl Dy

How can you improve your business ? motivate your team ? What real estate process and systems can we apply to a different industry ? more info here

Hope you gained a lot of fresh business perspective Tigergraphics !

How to Let Go? A Strong Foundation of Parenting Makes All the Difference by Carl and Jenny Dy

Do you have pre teens like us ?

Children are like arrows. You cannot keep them in the quiver forever or else they lose their purpose. Someday, you have to let them go and hope to God they hit their mark

We cannot shelter our kids from the environment, but we can pray and establish foundations to prepare our kids for the real world. Here are 5 tips to prepare your kids.


Setting Family and Faith Goals with Carl Dy and Jenny Dy

Setting family and faith goals help create a forward looking family, we learned from Rose Fres Fausto and Marvin Fausto and would like to share some tips.

Thanks Jane Kingsu-Cheng for the feature !!

  1. Start with listing what you are grateful for the past year
  2. Then write what you’re praying to God for this new year as your faith goals
  3. Breakdown your goals into action steps ( bite size activities that will bring you to your goals )

We can set our goals, but ultimately we pray for God’s sovereign desire for us 🙏

Have a blessed 2020 friends ! 🥰🤗

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