Increasing Performance of Teams with Carl Dy

If you are a manufacturing / retail / food / logistics / trading or any company with employees ! Check out my new workshop on “Increasing Performance of Teams” – introductory workshop price P30k for a 3 hour workshop 30-50 pax. For more info Carl Dy 0917-531-6310

Published by Carl Dy

Carl Dy, is a property investor and Director for Sales at one of the Philippines leading developers. He has 20 years of experience in the property business, and is continually building up his property portfolio with an ultimate goal of living on passive income from property. He is a Real Estate Management graduate of the Harvard Business School. He believes that property investment, just like business is not an automatic money generating product. One must have a passion for it, create and execute a strategy and give time and effort for the investment to flourish. For tips and advice, feel free to contact him at

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