MoneySense Q2 2020 Family Finance with Carl and Jenny Dy

Praise God for an ECQ door opening.

Carl Dy is pleased to share a new parenting workshop he will be doing

“The Family CEO” a Zoom workshop talk for dads on how they can use business and bible principles to lead and be head of the family.

When Carl Dy was starting his family, he doesn’t know how to be a husband to his wife and dad to his kids. He was active in his work but absent at home. He had goals and targets for business but none for him as a husband and father.

He is on his 17th year now as a head of his family, and He still making mistakes and learning as he goes along.

If you are a church group / a sports group / homeschool dad / school PTA / office HR / etc. This might be something to help the dads in your group.

While property is Carl Dy’s business
Parenting is his ministry

This 1.5 hour workshop is his advocacy to share to fellow DAD’s what he is learning and how he is changing to be a better leader in the house, it is FREE OF CHARGE.

Yes ! no payment for the workshop.

But, any contribution to the Carl and Jenny Charity Foundation which they will use to help less fortunate children is greatly appreciated.

Carl Dy looks forward to inspire fellow dads through this workshop.

To God be the Glory – Carl Dy


Invite Carl Dy to share The Family CEO to your group soon !

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