6 Steps to Securing Your Child’s Future Using Property

In my experience, having children changes your perspective in life. I have three young daughters, Catie, my 6-year old, Jianna, my 5-year old and Chloe, my 9 month old. I look at my 2 elder daughters and I realize that it was not so long ago that both of them were just like our baby Chloe, who is still in diapers.

Steps To Renting Out Your Condo – #2 Dressing Up Your Unit

In our previous article, I gave some tips on identifying the target market for your condo unit. Once this has been done, the next step is to furnish or renovate your unit. Should you fully furnish it or leave it bare? If you decide to furnish, what furniture and appliances do you include? Do youContinue reading “Steps To Renting Out Your Condo – #2 Dressing Up Your Unit”